Skating: Sumas 2006

From Brian Larsen, our fearless leader:

[Interpolated remarks by moi]

We had a fantastic day: everyone was on time, although as we were pulling out we realized we had left Don, stop the bus, see Don running after parking his car, no problemo, he made it. Made very good time to Sumas, and yes Tim Hortons for fuel!

[Actually, I believe that Don was in the washroom … and, amazingly enough, on the way back, we just about left Don (and Winson) behind as, once again, he was in the bathroom as the bus pulled out of the Toys R Us parking lot …]

A beautiful sunny day, not too hot and lots of eager skaters.

[Three bikes, as well – Ty, Winnie, and Anne on their trusty steel steeds]

The pace was excellent and, except for a few frantic gasps for air from Mawgosha, who confided to me that she had only skated twice this year and on small 4 wheel skates, I think she did marvellous! Skating on smooth flat pavement thru kilometers of beautifully green corn fields, a slight breeze and a bonus, Winson wants to pull the whole trip – as good as it gets for me! Beth was driving the sag wagon and letting us know of all traffic coming from behind was much appreciated – a big thank you, Beth.

[The weather was absolutely beautiful and, when we were all gliding along together in a great long trail, we were a beautiful thing to behold …]

Also, a new efficient term for the Torrent; a certain skating pace that Irene prefers or her comfort zone, as she puts it, will be henceforth known as the Cho 1! So – no longer a little slower, Brian, just a simple “Cho 1” and everyone drops it back a notch – there is no Cho 2 or 3 by the way!

Gerry efficiently handled sweep and, with lots of walkie talkies, communication was excellent and made the skating easy and safe.

At the second rest stop fabulous ice cream at $ 2.75 per double; everyone resumed skating with a big smile and calories to work off.

[I can very highly recommend the butterscotch ripple]

The skating seemed easy this year and we arrived at the bus around 2PM, a very good time with 21/2 hours of actual skating time – this from our GPS experts [there’s something about that “Y” chromosome …]. A quick heads up to Kim at Harrison that the Eagle had landed and to get the burgers going created a emphatic response: “You’re there already, my gawd, we’re not ready”. She later said the pace for her, Barry and Pat was frantic after that.

Pat’s place on the lake is so great after a 51 K skate; in the shade with a slight breeze it was perfect for relaxing. Some of the braver skaters actually swam; the water is quite fresh [That’s code for cold]! Lots of food, drinks and great burgers and corn and a lot of very good food dishes made for a super picnic.

After eating, Lisa was sacked out blissfully recharging. Pat’s neighbour, Kurt, offered to take skaters out for a good boat ride and a trip up to Rainbow Falls. Two trips and most skaters accomodated and all reported it was great. In the meantime Lisa continued to sleep!

[Actually, I was merely resting …]

5:30PM, Gerry says the Bus is leaving at 6PM; alas we had to wake Lisa and Ty up!

[Actually, we were merely resting …]

A huge thanks to Pat, Barry and my darling wife, Kim for all their hard work, well done.
Also, after everyone left the place was spotless: Pat was very impressed with our group, we are always welcome, she says we are a great group, so kudoes to you all. Next year I said we are aiming for 50 to 75 skaters; she said, no problem!

A first timer – Blake – had rave reviews and declared he had no idea that the skating and picnic by the lake would be so great – everyone agreed.

Certainly our best event of the year – all we need for next year is more skaters.
Thanks to all the skaters who make the event what it is!

A side note is that Lori worked the night shift at Lions Gate Hospital and still skated 51K strongly: a heroic effort Lori, exactly the kind of keenness that makes up Torrent skaters!

Cheers and see you all next year.