Skating: Riviera della Versilia

A fantastic place to skate in Italy is the Riviera della Versilia – it stretches for at least 20 miles along the coast between Viareggio and Marina di Carrara on the north west coast.


We took a train from Florence to Viareggio, a trip which took about an hour and a half, and then skated from the train station down to the beach and along the miles of boardwalk fronting the ocean.


Much of it is wide and well-paved and free of motorised vehicles – an added bonus is its flatness. Some of the pavement is marble; skating on this is like skating on ice – super-smooth.


Running along the boardwalk are many, many shops and cafes, making pit stops for snacks very easy.


I’ve done this skate on two different occasions; the first in 2003, and the second in 2006.


Boardwalk Viareggio

The latter time a triathlon was happening at the same time so I paced myself against the runners and cyclists – faster than the first, slower than the second!

Beach at Viareggio

Terrific weather both times – I highly recommend it.