More art and fun in the sun

One of the reasons I love Puerto Vallarta is because of the art and old town has some lovely galleries and artists’ studios. On a walk around Basilio Badillo area our first stop was the ceramic studio and gallery of Patricia Gawle. Originally from Florida, I think, Patricia also gives classes in hand building and tile painting in her space.

This day two people were in making clay figures; it was obvious that one of the folks had done this before – her piece was quite sophisticated.

Patricia specialises in half-length figures with various attributes atop the heads; this piece looks as though it has space for something to be added later on.

I would love to take a class here one day. Patricia also has a lovely small dachsund dog who watches over the studio and gallery. For more info on Patricia and her work, click here.

A new addition to the street is a majolica pottery shop with some lovely tiles and painted wooden figurines. Kathy was interested in purchasing some tiles but, unfortunately, the sales girl didn’t know how much they were … surely, as a sales person that would be the one thing that you’d be sure to find out.

Our next stop was around the corner on Constitution to see the studio gallery of Kathleen Carillo, whose specialty is “celebrating the colorful magic of life”. Apparently a number of these figurative works are painted with her non-dominant hand, a technique that allows the artist to work more freely and expressively.

She has a beautiful large airy space, with an outdoor courtyard and a room in back where she paints and hold classes.

Kathleen also runs painting classes abroad and this June is taking people to the French Riviera. For more info on Kathleen, click here.

Along Basilio Badillo the bougainvillea flowers are really beautiful; I never get tired of looking at them.

Contempo Gallery has a nice open air terrace space that overlooks the street, on which they show metal sculpture.

My favourite gallery, for the ambiance and the fabulous sculpture courtyard, continues to be Galleria Dante, run by Claire, originally from Saskatchewan.

I could sit in their courtyard all day admiring the sculpture and the huge flowering bushes.

This year an artist is installed and painting in the courtyard.

We had quite a long chat with her; her name is Consuelo, from California, living the dream in Puerto Vallarta. She told us that she had always wanted to have her work in a prestigious gallery and now she does; it hangs in one of the hallways just off the entrance gallery.

She is a delightful addition to the gallery environment.

The gallery used to be a large family hacienda and you can still see remnants of that past in some of the corners, such as a large marble bathtub. More info on Galleria Dante here. See more of my pictures here.

Yesterday we decided to spend the day at the beach and so the six of us grabbed a taxi truck to the Mango Beach Club at Playa Camerones, north of the Malecon, arriving just as they were opening the place. We were lucky enough to get six loungers and umbrellas in the first row overlooking the ocean.

Two local guys were there with their dog Tango, a young black beast with a perpetual grin who was just dying to get off his leash and chase seagulls.

Around the bay from Playa Camarones we could see the towers of Nuevo Vallarta and the all inclusives in the distance.

It was interesting to watch the pelicans fishing; they must have incredible eyesight to spot fish from so high in the air and be able to catch them in one swift dive to the ocean. One cagey small bird followed the pelicans around, capitalising on their spotting ability to snag some fish of its own.

Small rocks dot the sand here, making the scene look quite a bit like the watercolour painting exercise we did the other day.

This place has pretty good margaritas, as you can see from Maggie’s expression.

A local brother and sister were playing at the sea front, she making sure that he didn’t get into any trouble.

The sparkly foot bling of one vendor caught our eyes, and, before you knew it, an entire flock of vendors were circling around us, tempting us with jewelry, hats, and sarongs of multi colours.

We tried on several of the foot designs, before selecting quite a few, Barb having bargained for a good price on multiple pieces.

What a beautiful place this is!

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