Playa Manzanillo Redux

The three girls headed back to Playa Manzanillo Monday on a very breezy, white-cappy day. The wind was brisk, whipping up small wavelets on the surface of the turquoise ocean – really beautiful. We settled ourselves at the Mexicana sun beds underneath the white-painted trees.

So windy was it that the restaurant’s umbrellas kept getting blown over; we didn’t mind because it moderated the heat of the day. Monday is a great day to go to the beach here, always less crowded than the weekend and, in particular, Sundays when the local families come out in force to spend the sunny day together.

The fishing boats were high and dry on the beach, waiting in vain for someone to captain them.

Pam and Marion lost no time in getting into the water, much warmer than our pool, and were rocked by the small cresting waves.

A tourist with a strange orange balloon attached to his swim trunks jumped into the water and swam out to sea with it bobbing along behind him. I wasn’t sure whether it was so that the boats could see him or so he could float in case he got tired.

Watching him from the sand were a couple of local people bemusedly.

Because few of the Mexicans seem to be able to swim, some of them wear life jackets when in the ocean. They float their children on cute, small inflatables, sometimes, like this one, with canopies overhead to shield them from the sun.

Just another grand day at the beach here in P.E.

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