New Years Eve

No it’s not a flying saucer – it is a LED-lit hula hoop at Revelry New Years Eve.

While the evening itself was not exactly the party we’d anticipated, I really enjoyed the light show projections, all taking place under the watchful eyes of HRM Queen Elizabeth at about 35 years of age and Prince Philip.

We had arrived fairly early to the Legion on Commercial and headed in the open door to find a crowd that I had not expected … seemed to be the usual Legion crowd, perhaps even people who had been there still from the night before. But there was a great CCR cover band and people were dancing – however, it was not the event to which we’d bought tickets so up the stairs we went …

That early in the evening there were few folks in attendance but the fire-dancer in silver lame and top hat with LED lights instead of coconuts was kind of mesmerizing.

One young women was dashing around the crowd completely naked except for a thong and some nice body painting.

Our intrepid little group occupied a cluster of chairs close to the wall.

I enjoyed the changing colour shadows playing across Ty’s beard.

Among the acts entertaining the now quite crowded crowd were belly dancers

A baton-twirling youth

And two female contortionists.

Happy New Year, All!

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