Canada Day on Granville Island

We had a fantastic warm, sunny day for Canada Day here on the coast. Ty and Brubin were dressed up in their red and white flag gear for a trip to Granville Island to enjoy the festivities there.

As we walked along the seawall towards the aquabus stop, we marvelled at the action on the water: pirate ships, tug boats, ferries, paddle boarders, kayakers – everyone was out on the water.

The Hornby Street aquabus stop was packed out with throngs heading over to Granville Island and Brubin was pretty excited about being part of the gang.

Once across False Creek, we took advantage of the opening of the wooden tug Master for public viewing to check it out. The Master was the last wooden hulled steam tugboat running up and down the coast of BC, built in 1922, and is beautifully maintained.

We also caught a few minutes of the free International Jazz Festival concert near the Market.

Since it was hot, we hung out in the shade of the Granville Bridge and watched red and white clad people walk by with their ice cream cones and bubble blowers.

Everyone was in a great mood and the vibe was festive.

Marching brass bands and disco queens entertained the crowds. The “free” (not sure why that was emphasised given that the event took place on the street) disco dance, with DJ, silver disco ball, and big-haired grooving disco ducks was great fun – of course I had to join in the action and danced up a sweat in the 25 degree sun.

We decided to wait for the parade coming down Railspur Alley on the patio of the Artisan Sake Studio where we had a ringside seat in the shade – huzzah!

We decided to sample the trio taster and cheese plate combination; the rice wine was very tasty, especially the original version, but the “cheese platter” was the world’s smallest, consisting of three crackers and the tiniest pieces of cheese I have every seen a restaurant try to get away with.

We had been told by a marshall that the Granville Island Canada Day Parade was “three times bigger than last year”, meaning it was eight minutes long instead of three … but we enjoyed it anyway, reminding us of the community parades that we had seen on Cortes Island.

Poor old Brubin was a bit too small to be able to see the passing parade.

Good Times and great fun had by all!

See more pics here.

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