Cedar Labyrinth

It was gray and blustery leaving Vancouver for the island, where I was heading to visit MM and walk the labyrinth that had been etched into her back yard. I found it interesting that energy giant Cenovus is advertising oil products and the Tar Sands on BC Ferries, asking us to check out the “whole story”…

We played six hours of hard core Chicago bridge for M’s birthday before heading out to Cedar, south of Nanaimo, for the labyrinth experience.

Here the birthday girl consults with Sona over her score card.

I was amazed to see that a huge labyrinth had been etched into the side of the property, fitting perfectly into the space between the gigantic trees on one side and the property line on the other.

Skye cut the lines into the ground with a shovel – must have been back-breaking work – and then lined them with pine cones, moss, rocks, shells, and other goodies which sometimes attract local raccoons who enjoy snuffling around in them and messing up the design. At the labyrinth’s centre is a concrete pond, now unfortunately empty of water but hopefully to be filled again in the not too distant future, and a bench for seated contemplation.

Gracing the roof line of the workshop is one of my old mannequin arms, beckoning to the sky.

The last loop of this 11 circuit 60 foot Chartres labyrinth goes through Siggi’s wooden shack, where plastic people greet the pilgrim and seats have kindly been arranged for rest.

Along the path are various small statues, including a smiling Buddha, a piggie, and an angel.

The neighbour dog was very curious about what we were doing, peering in at us through a hole in the fence.

Below is an image of the prototype with which the dimensions of the labyrinth were calculated – complex design!

The flight back was beautiful.

Below you can see Lost Lagoon and Stanley Park as we cruise in for a landing.

See more photos here.

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