‘Tis the Season …

For lights. We went to see the annual Trinity Street Christmas Light Competition, a four block extravaganza near the PNE. Since it was really a bit too early in the season, not all the houses had their decorations and lights complete, but there are some nice displays. I wasn’t able to get too many photos because my fingers were freezing off – a cool night for picture-taking!

Some of the displays were minimalist, but intriguing.

I liked this rope of white lights dancing across the lawn.

Some pretty traditional ideas were on view, such as this gathering of plastic snowmen.

I preferred these rather frozen looking gingerbread people.

There is something definitely a little creepy about these guys.

A recent walk along Spanish Banks produced a few landscape images of the water and city in the cold December light.

Ty, Brubin and I ventured down to check out graffiti row downtown, a changing panorama of street art.

The folks who create these are pretty good. Below is a photo of tree-decorating; this year we made the big treck downstairs to the ol’ storage locker and unearthed our Christmas gear.

I must admit; I love Christmas lights and trees and colour … what a surprise, not – these are the St Paul’s Hospital Lights of Hope.

After listening to Jazz Vespers at St Andrews Wesley, we strolled over to check out the downtown hotel Christmas displays, with a first stop at the Sutton Hotel on Burrard.

A poor old elf was discovered stretched out through one leafy tree; I guess he came in for a hard landing.

Dana liked the angel tree …

The lobby display is pretty spectacular here.

Next up on the light train was the gingerbread house competition at the Hyatt.

We all thought this gilded palace was pretty spectacular.

After a little liquid Christmas cheer in a mostly deserted bar, our next port of call was the Hotel Georgia, where we admired the trick perspective of the lobby oil painting by a local artist whose name escapes me. Standing centered in front of the painting, and rocking back and forth, gives the impression that the image is moving and changing in space as the viewer moves – very cleverly done.

The Four Seasons just down the road also had a Christmas tree competition but it was not nearly as good as the Sutton’s, not as inventive or colourful.

Our final stop was the Hotel Vancouver’s lobby bar, always a nice place for a glass of holiday cheer – and an enormous burger feed.

See more pictures here. Happy Solstice All!

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