Rockin’ out to “The Road” music video by The Matinee

My forehead is starring in a new video – actually, the first video they’ve made – by the local band, The Matinee, a group of guys from Coquitlam who are on their way to making it big in the World of Rock.

Back in August Christine and I spent the evening at the Rickshaw Theatre with other music lovers participating in the making of “The Road”. Most of the folks on hand were young women, with a smattering of ‘older’ (but not as old as me) men in hats.

Called out for 7 pm, we spent five hours watching, listening, and rockin’ out to “The Road” as the band played and replayed the tune countless times while the video dudes directed the action and moved equipment around the small theatre space.

As the time progressed, the guys in the band got sweatier and sweatier and my arms got more and more tired from being waved above my head … While there are a couple of good shots of Christine’s face in the final video, all you can see of me is a snippet of my right forehead and possibly one wiggling hand. Ah fame, you are so fleeting …

See the final video here.

See a few more pics here.

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