Vancouver Spring this and that II

Springtime in Vancouver – incredible beautiful flowers and cloudless skies (at least this day). I love this garden bed at George Wainborn Park – it’s always colourful and always full of a variety of blooms.

Yesterday, while walking Brubin along the seawall, we saw this big heron fishing. It is really great to see these birds back in the area, a testament to the cleanliness of these waters now.

Over the winter I have been ice-skating at Kits with the “older adults” … and Maureen organised a birthday party for those in the group turning 75 and older this year, an event attended by about 40 people at the arena. Here are some photos of those fit folks.

Most of these people are in their 80s and had never skated as children; the woman in the red helmet took up speed skating at 74. The fellow second from the right took up skating 7 years ago. However, some, like Rusty (second from left), have skated their entire lives.

I have also been visiting the Beaty Museum to take photographs of their Tetrapod Collection, of which this sealion skeleton is a part. Here it looks as though its about to bite Lori Latremouille’s surrealist pastel work.

One of this Spring’s brilliant brainwaves was to get electric assist bikes and a trailer for Brubin. We’ve tested the trailer out a couple of times on the seawall; he much prefers it to the previous wire basket he was required to ride in.

I have also been volunteering with the West End Seniors Network at Barclay Manor, where I am the art studio facilitator one day a week. This group of active people come together to paint once or twice a week; several of them also show their work in various venues.

Of course, skating and cycling are wonderful on a day like this!

I saw a nice show of artists’ posters at the Burnaby Art Gallery, including these by Jack Shadbolt from the 70s.

And these by one of my old printmaking instructors, Ron Eckert.

A few images from Elizabeth MacKenzie’s exhibition were still in evidence on the walls.

The photo below shows Brubin and Aran at rest.

See more pictures here.


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