Mountain Snowshoe Madness

Foggy day in the city – the forest of cranes continues to grow in downtown Vancouver … condo-mania  – who`s buying all these spaces?

We are so lucky to have such beautiful mountains right on our doorstep – the view below is from the lookout point halfway up Cypress Mountain on a recent foggy day. You can just see the tops of the highest glass towers downtown peeking through the ocean of cloud covering the city, with Mount Baker’s volcanic cone in the background.

Here’s the gang of three in front of the upper warming hut on Cypress, resting before a push for the upper snow shoe trails.

We paused to take in the view from the High View Lookout – unfortunately, we couldn’t see as much as this picture shows.

We saw one dead tree with several enormous fungi attached to it – I remember collecting these babies when I was a kid.

The upper x-country ski trails were not as crowded this day, although several groups from Hollyburn Ski Club were racing around the circuit.

The whiskey jack birds were out in force, zooming over to us from their perch in the surrounding trees when Christine pulled out her bag of crushed crackers.

Following the Far East Trail down the hill, we stopped to admire the “Old Man of the Mountain”, a gigantic old growth tree, one of the few remaining on the mountain. This one is thought to be over a thousand years old.

It’s hard to get a sense of how huge this tree is from the photos …

The old Hollyburn Mountain Lodge is still going strong, pumping out fries and hot chocolate for the skiing hordes. From the base of the Nordic area, you can see one of the downhill runs across the valley.

Sometimes I’m a bit sorry that my knees are no longer up to downhill skiing.

We were above the fog bank up on the mountain; it was a beautiful sunny day on the hill while the city was still  enveloped in cloud.

See more photos here.

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