From Vancouver to Barbados

We touched down briefly in Vancouver on our way to Barbados; the crisp cold air was a nice change from the humid heat of Pattaya as long it was sunny. But, when the weather changed to rain and slushy snow and cold, biting wind, the novelty quickly wore off. However, we were very happy to be able to visit with some friends and family before once again hitting the road; unfortunately, we weren’t able to see everyone. Here are a few photos of the neighbourhood, taken while we were in residence at the Sandman Suites on Davie.

The snow capped mountains looked absolutely stunning. We left Sunday evening at 10:30, arrived after four and a half hours in Toronto,

and then, after a couple of hours layover time, five and a half hours later landed in Barbados to warm, sunny weather – beautiful!

After grabbing a minivan cab, we were deposited at the Coconut Grove Beach Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church Parish, near the capital of Bridgetown.

The hotel is located in the Garrison Heritage area, a Unesco site, right on a lovely white sand beach protected by a rocky breakwater from the crashing, and gorgeous, cerulean blue waves beyond.

Monday night is barbeque buffet night at the Coconut Grove and the entire population of the 120 room hotel emerged promptly at 6 pm for a feed. Along with the food, we were serenaded by a group of local musicians stationed poolside.

Tuesday saw us up and out the door and walking down the street towards Bridgetown,

past several closed and condemned hotels, as well as brightly painted resorts and bars, glistening jewel-like against the bright blue sky. Architectural references to the British Colonial period are everywhere here, as are military forts and installations. We walked as far as the edge of Bridgetown, then back along the beach,

past old gun battlements and breakwaters made from 18th century guns. After a walk through a couple of buildings, and along a grassy path, we climbed down from the gun battlements at the beachfront Hilton,

had a beer at their bar, and, once back at the ranch, had a rest and a swim at the Coconut Grove beach before being chased off the beach by a passing thunder storm.

See more photos here.


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