From Bali to Krabi Town, Thailand

For our last night at the Blue Star Bungalows, Tony bought a huge red snapper from one of the local fishermen and Iluh and her staff grilled it on the beach for all of us. The little kids had fun with the fish, rolling around its eyeball and putting tiny shells in its mouth to anoint it for the feast. Several red cloth covered tables were set up on the beach, it was a beautiful evening, and we feasted the night away.

Ty and I were both sad to leave Amed and the Blue Star; we had a wonderful time there and would have stayed longer had our visas not run out and our flight been booked. Everyone at the Blue Star was wonderful, including the other guests Barb, Tony, Rich and Loy – it is very highly recommended!

We spent two nights back at the Little Pond in Sanur before hopping on our flight to Krabi, Thailand through Bangkok. I enjoyed taking pictures of the cheeky squirrels, birds, and cats nibbling on the offerings laid out in front of the beachfront restaurants and shops.

Our flight to Thailand was relatively uneventful and, after leaving at 7 am, we arrived at the Orange Tree House in Krabi Town at 9 in the evening. The Orange Tree has 13 rooms and faces the market area in the heart of this small city, on Krabi walking street. When we arrived the night market was still in full swing out front. In the morning, after having visited the hill top temple with its golden dragons, we wandered around downtown, me taking pictures of the antiquated clothing mannequins found everywhere, and then headed over to the river.

We decided to take the mangrove river tour on a long tail boat which had seen better days and were delivered to a fish farm on a large island in the river. After having seen the worker feed the various kinds of fish, including a large puffer fish which blew himself up in displeasure at being pulled so unceremoniously out of the water, we were importuned to purchase fish for lunch, an opportunity we passed on, having just had breakfast not too long ago. We wandered around the riverfront community, most of whose houses are on stilts, not unlike the Finn Slough village in Steveston, BC.

Our next and final stop was the cave right near the two large jagged limestone hills on opposite sides of the river.

This place obviously used to be much more widely visited, judging from the café and out buildings now shuttered, and contains 44,000 year old skeletal human remains, as well as paintings of humans and animals.

Inside small displays are set up amid the stalactites and stalagmites to illustrate how early hominids lived. The place reminded me of the Karain cave north of Antalya in Turkey which Tracey and I visited in 2009, except that this cave lacked the garish lighting of that one.

Later, after a halal lunch of chicken soup and a little nap, we headed out the front door to the night market, enjoying a couple of beers while watching the action before making the rounds of the stalls selling food, jewellery, trinkets of all descriptions, and clothes.

We sampled quite a few bits of food, including fish curry sticks, grilled pork sausage, thai salad, water chestnuts, sticky rice, and corn on the cob, all going for from 10 to 20 baht (about 30 – 60 cents). Many different varieties of colourful plastic items were for sale, as well as awful paintings (going for 19 baht or 59 cents) and cheap clothes. The main attraction for most people, and it was packed, mostly with locals, was the food.

I loved this little kitty exposing himself on the paintings – he reminded me of my cat Aran, a beast who loves having his belly rubbed.

After Bali, the traffic here seems positively light and tuk-tuks, motorcycles with passenger sidecars, are still available for rent, as are mini buses and small trucks with open backs. The local vendors are much less anxious to make a sale than the Balinese, who will follow potential customers for blocks trying to entice them into shops, restaurants, spas and the like. We were mostly ignored, except for by a few hopeful taxi drivers. The weather is good, 34 degrees and sunny, and today we are off to Ao Nang, a beach area accessible by car about an hour north west of here, to check out accommodation.

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