Cycling the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, North Vancouver

On a recent morning I had the pleasure of a ride through the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve Forest on one of the North Shore mountains with Renee, Kim, Dino and Satomi. Although a posted sign indicated bears in the area, and sometimes cougar warnings are posted, this day we only encountered mosquitoes – lots of these floating around our heads (must be the almost constant rain this Spring fuelling their multiplication) – and birds.

We sped along the 10 km rolling paved path past Jack Burns picnic area and then through the forest trails up past the salmon hatchery to the Seymour watershed, an enormous reservoir enclosed by mountains still capped with snow. A gazebo has been built at the lookout point over the reservoir, as well as a couple of picnic tables ready for better weather. Along the way we stopped at the riverside to construct inukshuks to add to the small gathering already placed there.

All told, the ride was about 25 km and the rain held off until just before we returned to the parking lot – huzzah!

This ride is a much tamer version of some of the rides I enjoyed while travelling through Turkey in the Spring of 2009. For 10 days the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of staying in the small town of Dalyan, located about 5 km from the Mediterranean ocean on the Dalyan River delta. While there I took a week’s mountain biking tour with Sonja of Kaunos Tours, a bionic woman who guided us through the hills, mountains, countryside, and beaches around the beautiful Dalyan/Ortaca/Dalaman area, including the famous 5 km long Iztuzu Beach, protected home of nesting Caretta Caretta loggerhead turtles. Below we are on one of the mountains surrounding Dalyan overlooking the river delta and Mediterranean ocean.

Below is a view over Iztuzu Beach on the way down from the hills above and a lakeside resting spot where we had lunch at a local family’s eatery on the way back to Dalyan.

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