Urban Adventure Hike in West Vancouver

We had a great 12 kilometer hike along the coastline of West Vancouver, starting at the Gleneagles Golf Course and winding our way up and down along city streets, wooden staircases through the forest, and along rocky beaches to Whytecliff Park where we clambered around the tiny Whyte Island, know as Gilligan’s Island to the locals. Blue butterflies, chattering eagles and crows, and a piliated woodpecker accompanied our progress.

Climbing up onto the island posed no problem, but coming down again was a bit tricky in my white sneakers because they have no tread.

From there we walked through the forest trails of Whytecliff and down a very steep cliff-side route to reach Horseshoe Bay. After a stop for lunch, we continued on the Trans Canada trail back to our starting point at Gleneagles.

See more pictures here.

This was a very enjoyable hike and reminded me of my hike along part of the Lycian Way, a 520 km path along the south Mediterranean coast of Turkey from Antalya to Fethiye, while in the town of Kas in April 2009. With a group of Turks and the guidance of Alkan and Kayvser of Dragoman Tours, we hiked on the Limon Agzi Peninsula along the old wide paving stones of part of the ancient Silk Caravanserai Route from China, past a bay with a Roman Age shipwreck, across fields, and up and down along a steep coastal route of stones, olive trees, buzzing bees, sarcophagi and rock cut tombs for 12 kilometers.

Above is guide Kayvser on the path overlooking the Mediterranean; below we rest on the limestone rocks. Behind us is the Greek island of Kastellorizo, known as Meis in Turkey, a now-depopulated land of about 200 brave souls who still live there.

Below is the only restaurant on the peninsula; we stopped here for lunch and a swim before tackling the remaining hill climb past the orange rock cut tombs at the top of the cliff.

In the picture below we are using the rope attached to a rock cliff door to hoist ourselves up along a narrow rocky ridge above the bay; in the background, far below, you can see the lunch-stop beach and restaurant.

Read more about this hike here.

See more pictures of this fabulous hike here.

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