Night Ride

A beautiful semi-Springlike evening suggested a ride around the city on our bikes taking pictures, the first stop just around the corner at the Yaletown skytrain station for David Robinson’s Equestrian Monument.

Eros Scrippolato, otherwise known as the gigantic head, looked great  beneath the fast-moving night-time clouds.

From our vantage point on the seawall just past the Cambie Bridge the tents of Cavalia glowed brilliant white against the sky.

The formerly-forlorn, now selling fast repriced renamed Athletes village also glowed …

while the spikes of the new BC Place roof rose white and blue on the far side of the Creek.

Trying to take a picture of the Chinatown Gate between cars proved tricky – below you can see the ghost of a bus passing through.

Once again Gastown is hip; its third incarnation as the place to be is being driven by twenty-somethings in search of the next cool drinking station.

Even as cool young things are thronging the bars and restaurants of Gastown the Port of Vancouver never sleeps.

From Crab Park on the waterfront the skyline and sails of Canada Place quivered.

See a few more pictures here.







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