Yaletown Animal Eden installation

Since today was a fabulously sunny day here in balmy Vancouver, and my car was packed to the gills with mannequins, dolls and stuffed animals, I decided that today was the day to execute another interactive installation, this time in Emery Barnes Park. Good old Ty was kind enough to roll a trolley with three of my mannequins down the street to the park while I drove around the block with the rest of the goodies.

The first spot was a small tree and park bench briefly illuminated with sunlight before the sun slid behind one of the high rise towers across the street. Before that happened, we managed to hang the stuffed animals in the tree and position the mannequins on the park bench.

Denis was pleased to have his photograph taken with the installation.

When the disappearance of the sun put the park bench into shade, after much thought, we decided to reinstall the items in the children’s  jungle jim at the other end of the park.

With the help of some children, Ty and I managed to hang all the animals, place the dolls and mannequins, and enjoy watching everyone interact with the plush toys and human surrogates.

The anatomical head was a particular hit with the kids; here Ty is explaining the brain to a group of children.

One little girl picked up my smallest plush polar bear and made off with it (her dad later brought it back). Later that evening, we brought our bags of goodies back and set them up in the fountain.

See more pictures here.

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