Wheeling along the Central Valley Greenway

Since Saturday was such an incredibly beautiful day here on the west coast, Ty and I decided to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone and ride our bikes along the Central Valley Greenway out to the Burnaby Art Gallery for the opening of Davida Kidd’s show “With a View Like This, Who Need Art?” Riding along Terminal Avenue we were very taken with the incredible view of the snow-covered North Shore Mountains. The Lions were particularly magnificent; however, even though the view was great, we still need art.

The CVG bike path is a wonderful ride, especially because, since it follows the Skytrain path, it is very flat and, for most of it, well-paved.

We were amazed that there were so few cyclists on the path, a trail which winds its way across Commerical Drive, through the East Side of Vancouver, and into Burnaby, where it travels past Costco and along the Still Creek waterway. Here we found the parking lot where all the Vancouver tourist buses go to rest when summer is over.

Because it was still quite cold, many of the bushes and trees were glazed with frosty white and the ducks made small wavelets in Still Creek as they glided silently through the waterway.

We took the Kensington urban cycle path from Still Creek over the Trans Canada Highway up to Deer Lake Road and the Gallery.

Davida’s new work is really wonderful; I especially like her pieces set in ruined and abandoned rooms, both surreal and dream-like. On the way back we stopped under the Kensington overpass to photograph graffiti in the lovely setting sunlight.

For information on Davida’s show, click here.

for more information on the artist, click here.

To read about the show Desire and Domination: Imagining the Psyche, focusing on the work of Davida Kidd and Diana Thorneycroft, which I curated at the Nanaimo Art Gallery, click here.

For a few more photos, click here.

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