Fun in the Snow

The snow conditions in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver and around BC are fabulous at the moment. Mount Washington on Vancouver Island apparently has the most snow of any hill in the world and Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver, site of the 2010 Olympic snowboarding events, also has great conditions.

After waiting to see whether the weather would cooperate, a group of us decided to hit the mountain on snowshoes.

Rather than pay to use the groomed trails, we headed up the Baden Powell trail which runs alongside the downhill portion of the Nordic ski area. Since we were up early, the traffic on the trail was quite light initially.

As soon as we paused for breath, the bird traffic increased, with fat and sassy Whiskey Jacks hitting us up for goodies.

The first part of the trail is quite steep and runs through the beautiful snow-glazed trees.

We reached the top of the Nordic downhill runs and kept on going, intending to head up to the peak. However, when folks coming down said that the top was socked in, we decided to stop about 1/2 hour from the peak and play around with large plastic garbage bags.

The sliding conditions were great and the view from the top of the mountain spectacular.

The trees looked positively Seussian with their heavy coating of snow.

See more pictures here.

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