Street Philosophy Redux

The sky is full of gorgeous blue-gray clouds and I must get out and take some pictures. I navigate along the downtown bike lanes, peering up at walls, down alleyways, and into decaying buildings, in search of painted philosophical nuggets.

This line drawing greeted me on a wall on Pender Street

and I hit the wall art motherlode in an alleyway between Homer and Cambie, behind a boarded-up parking lot.

Capitalisn’t and Manufacturing Quality Dissent since Time Immemorial admonish the viewer to take action, while

further down, in another alleyway, an anonymous artist urges me to “Relax!” After all, it’s apparently the “Age of Relaxing”.

Whether we embrace the Age of Relaxing or not, “What goes up must still come down”.

In this alleyway between Hastings and Cardero a cleanup crew was at work; one wag, dragging a broom, yelled at me: “It’s the papparazzi!”. Me: “Where?”. He: “They’ve been following me around since the Cannes Film Festival!”. Me: “Don’t you hate those bastards!”.

Rolling away from the downtown eastside back towards False Creek, I meandered through the Athletes’ Village Ghost Town and snapped a few pictures of the silent site.

On the refurbished Salt Building, an old industrial building that was supposed to have been turned into a bakery and restaurant after the 2010 Winter Games, is this sticker offering a commentary on a possible future.

There’s an eerie silence on these streets devoid of life; dried leaves swirl and cluster in bunches on unswept sidewalks and patios.

The small park on the west side of the complex is quite nice, with a fish stream and a few jungle jims for children to play on. The city looked beautiful from False Creek as I rode towards Granville Island and over the Burrard Bridge home.

See more pictures here.

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