Ahhh, Halloween – one of my favorite days, when all the  fantasies hidden in the collective psyche emerge and come out to play. This highly decorated vehicle can be seen most weekends parked outside the Starbucks at Robson and Thurlow, much to the joy of passersby. With a nod to Halloween, the car’s owner has added a few witches and ghouls in honour of the season.

Ty, Christine and I took in the Secret Souls Walk, produced by the Public Dreams Society, and held in the back lanes and streets of East Vancouver between Commerical and Lakewood. A victim of the BC Government’s attack on the arts, the Public Dreams Society had to scale back its annual event, formerly a parade of Lost Souls, to this smaller, more intimate event. The Walk still attracted what looked to be thousands of people, most in costume themselves, to wander through the haunted neighbourhood. Some folks took the opportunity to resuscitate garage bands – there were several of these, some better than others – and decorate their lawns, houses and fences in all manner of ghostly trim.

The best display was the Dexter Garage right at Victoria and 4th.

Throughout the walk we could hear several people admiring Ty’s costume, a pirate with an evil twin.

There were several really great get-ups in the crowd, including this guy, dressed up as Mozart:

We attempted to get in to the Waldorf Grand Opening Halloween bash, but the lineup was huge and it was raining and so, instead, we decided to check out the action at the Yale. Driving down Richards Street on our way, we had the misfortune to be behind a booze bus with this delightful view:

Ty’s evil twin resurfaced at the Yale, much to the amusement of the crowd:

See more pics here.

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