Street Philosophy

It’s a drizzly grey Labour Day holiday in Vancouver – I guess I have to face the dismal fact that summer’s coming to an end in this part of the world … sigh. Friends in Turkey are still soaking up the rays and playing in the seas but our summer is short here. These past few days Ty and I have been riding around seeking out mannequins, plastic body parts and graffiti; we came across a good score on the False Creek seawall just past Monk McQueen’s – Ty spotted two large Barbie heads being arranged in a display, along with miscellaneous clothes and toys, by three young girls, for whom Barbie had become outdated. One of the girls explained to me that the pink Barbie still talks – o joy! We made a sharp u-turn and picked these babies up, settled them in Ty’s basket, and headed off for Granville Island.

Graffiti doesn’t last long around these parts – here’s some earlier, now vanished, commentary:

I was happy to see that “Beauty in Things” was back in the alley between Railspur and the Keg … this little bit of graffiti had been whitewashed earlier but the intrepid artist must have returned.

I would have thought that the acres of concrete on the Burrard Bridge buttresses would be prime real estate for graffiti art, but this statement was the only one there.

Ty thought that two pairs of abandoned shoes would work well with the Barbie heads …

On the outside wall of the Molson Beer factory at the foot of Burrard Bridge we observed this trenchant comment:

See more pictures here and here.

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