Street Philosophy II

Another weekend, another graffiti search – Ty and Brubin admire the murals painted along the Seymour Street off-ramp of the Granville Bridge.

This particular alleyway between the Granville loops is a pig stye – too bad, because the murals are quite interesting.

The alleyway between Richards and Homer, just south of the Dunsmuir bikeway, yields some rich imagery:

Too bad this one was painted over – it would look fabulous in full colour.

Spy City overlooks this still life with broccoli.

Several other alleyways, further north, had some pithy commentary:

Between Hastings and Cordova there is a feast of colour on the walls:

Ty spotted this small silver head attached to the wall of a non-descript building; as we admired it, a man surfaced from the bins in which he’d been digging to say that he’d made it. Kenny was his name.

Just around the corner the new W Tower rises high above the rusty remains of the Woodward sign, rescued from oblivion and given new life as a historical place marker.

The Downtown Eastside of Vancouver does not have much in the way of gardens; this imaginary one brightens up a building.

Monsters is as monsters does …

We were surprised to see that the port was at work on a Sunday.

Here, too, anonymous steet philosophers are at work: “Scrivo Ergo Sum” by Calminsense … with a nod to the 17th century French philosopher Rene Descartes’ “Cogito Ergo Sum”

and a riff on Marx’ 1844 Manuscripts with this commentary on Capitalism.

See more here.

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  1. hi,
    im so glad i came across you site. i love the pics from vancouver i recognised it straight away, made me sad i miss it. same for the l.a. shots, i love you million dollar hotel pic, i took a similar one when i snuck in side before i got kicke out for taking pictures.


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