Urban Landscapes – night

It’s funny how sometimes every picture of an urban landscape looks like a Jeff Wall … well, with the exception, in this case, of the inclusion of the large smiling man at the table eating pizza. Had he simply been staring down at the table top with an inscrutable look … voila – JW.

It’s hard to believe that in this day of non-stop, universal cyber-porn, people still frequent these sleazy old “girlie” theatres. This one also provides an added bonus of first-first shooter games, should the clientele tire of naked women.

The Granville Mall also caters to other male fantasies, aside from food, sex, and guns – here pseudo-camoflage gear attracts a couple of middle-aged passers-by.

I find it interesting how the curvature of my camera lens makes the tall buildings seem to lean in and converge on the narrow strip of Georgia Street heading off into the distance.

This street artist absorbed in his work is ignored by most people who seem not to notice that his drawing of a lion is actually quite good.

The inappropriately-named Hotel Regal is the last of a dying breed on the gentrifying Granville strip, the single-room occupancy hotel. Its blank grey exterior does not exactly provide a welcoming face to any who might consider staying here.

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