Have plastic body parts, will travel

I thought that a small intervention into the 2010 Vancouver Biennale sculptures might be interesting so I hopped on my bike on a sunny day not too long ago, carrying with me my anatomical head, plastic mannequin hands, a tiny doll and three plastic apples for that purpose. My first stop was the gigantic bronze head entitled Eros Scrippolato at Yaletown Park on which  I placed the head and hands.

Here is the blurb from the Biennale site on this sculpture:

Eros Bendato Scrippolato (Eros blindfolded and cracked) is a bronze sculpture made to look like a fragment of an ancient monument to Eros, the god of love. Known as Amor in Latin and Cupid in Roman mythology, Eros is the youngest, most mischievous, and beautiful of the immortal gods. Often portrayed with his arrows, Eros is represented here as blind folded, suggesting that love is blind, and also that Eros victims were randomly selected.

My next stop was along the seawall past the Plaza of Nations, with Science World in the background.

I also thought a small insertion into one of the environmental globes gracing the wallway around Science World might be appropriate.

Next stop was the Sun Yat Sen Park in Chinatown, then the Jubilee Sculpture studio on Main Street,

the Main Street viaduct overlooking the docks,

Crab Park with the sails of Canada Place in the background

I’ve always loved the woven reed canoe hidden in the trees here.

I rolled along the waterfront, under Canada Place and up the elevator to the new Convention Centre where the Olympic Cauldron sits centre stage.

Back down on the Coal Harbour seawall I stopped at Sorel Etrog’s sculpture King and Queen

and the bronze man by Jacquie Metz and Nancy Chew.

I finished my ride with a stop at the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery on Georgia Street, where my body parts joined forces with “Overflow” and “Love”,

then onward to the Shangri La hotel to contemplate Ken Lum’s From Shangri La to Shangri La installation of squatters’ huts.

See more here.

Another day, another bike ride, this time with my barbies and plastic animals …

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