Olympic Sunday

Sunday dawned sunny, blue skies and warm. While Ty spent the afternoon watching the Russia v Czech Republic (I think) game from the dark confines of The Corner bar, I strapped on the inline skates for another cruise around the seawall. As soon as it gets warm, the siren song of the inline skates captures me and it’s off around the Park I go. This day was more crowded by quite a bit than Thursday so not quite as pleasant a ride but still lovely out. The north side of the Park never sees the direct sunlight in the winter because the sun doesn’t rise high enough; as a result, the bike path is slick and wet and difficult to skate on. On bikes, these conditions don’t matter but on skates they sure do so I always take that part of the wall with caution. On Thursday I’d seen a shirtless man in shorts running along Third Beach; today it was bocce ball players and more joggers in summer attire.

After returning to the ranch with tired legs after a last ditch sprint around Wainborne Park to get home, I met Ty for a coffee at Coo Coo, which was packed; people seem finally to have discovered this little gem of a coffee shop with its best cappuccino in town. Later we watched the disappointing performance of Team Canada in the hockey loss against the US from the comfort of our downstairs lounge, saving ourselves the money, and calories, that a trip to one of the local establishments would have cost. Some of the bars and restaurants here have jacked up their prices quite high – greed lives on – and I think we’ve given them enough business to date.

So far, I’ve seen long and short track skating events, a bit of the women’s aerials, pairs skating, bobsleigh and Canada’s great win in curling over the UK, on the TV. To me, the best moment, by far, has been Jon Montgomery’s gold medal win in the men’s skeleton and his post-race interview with CTV. It’s not every Olympian who can auction off a gigantic pint of beer with billions around the world watching. The guy’s great – good for him!

On another note, I find it incongruous, to say the least, that these Olympics are sponsored by, among others, Coke and Mcdonalds, two of the world’s largest purveyors of diabetes and obesity – talk about a disconnect!

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