Pre-Olympic bike ride and Lunarfest

This weekend, with a break in the torrential pineapple express rains that might derail the Climate Change Olympics, as they’re being called by some here in balmy Vancouver where it’s 14 degrees and people are wandering around in shorts, we decided to cruise around town on the bikes to see how the preaprations for the “really big shew” were coming along. Thinking that we might still be able to ride around the seawall and catch a last look at the Athlete’s Village on False Creek, we rode in that direction. The inukshuk village which had been erected on the rocky shore across from Science World had proliferated since last we saw it in December.

Ty decided he would add to the community with his own Frankenstein’s -monster-like big-boy creation.

Upon finding that the pathway past the Athlete’s Village was blocked, we decided to ride the Greenway through the Downtown Eastside and into Gastown, have lunch at Chill Winstons and then ride around the seawall to the Convention Centre and from there, down Granville.

I kept trying to take some pictures of the cheesy painted fibreglass eagles in front of the Fairmont Vancouver hotel but some guy on a bike kept getting in the way …

Many of the buildings downtown are all dressed up with photographs of Canadian athletes blown up to enormous proportions. On Granville Street, which has once again been converted to a pedestrian mall rather than a car thoroughfare, sculptures and thousands of small lanterns handmade by local kids have been installed for Lunarfest.

These sculptures and lanterns look great at night, although they would be even better if there were fewer street lights inferring.

The Art Gallery, too, is all dressed up in a “Modesty Veil”, as this art piece is called.

This piece is made entirely from plastic bottles – fabulous!

See more here and here.

Note: there is so little snow on the mountains here that apparently Vanoc has guys in little bulldozers building mogul hills out of lumber and straw, to be covered by a thin veneer of the old snow from last November stockpiled in the dark valleys of the upper mountains against just such an eventuality …

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