December 2009 – another decade drifts into history

Christine, Barb and I – superfast at the Richmond Speedskating Oval. Watch out, Cindy Klassen – here we come!

The Richmond Speedskating oval is fabulous and it’s a real shame that it will not be kept after the olympics. I say that there are enough hockey rinks here and the least the powers that be could do would be to keep this one speedskating rink intact for us speed aficionados.

From the sublime skating to the ridiculous … after the large expanse of the Richmond Oval the tiny Robson Square rink is a bit laughable. But the multitudes travelling at a stately pace around its small compass seemed to be enjoying themselves notwithstanding the lack of space.

Barb and I enjoyed watching the world’s smallest zamboni, disguised as a killer whale, motoring slowly around the rink.

Later on, Ty, Marsha, Carol, Arlene and I savoured the fabulous colours of the Van Dusen Garden’s Festival of Lights.

For some reason I am fascinated with the beautiful array of colours, especially against the black backdrop of the sky and the silouhetted figures of people wandering here and there.

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