Balloon hoax and its attendant hoopla

I am once again reminded of why I don’t have a TV and don’t watch TV by the pathetic spectacle of the American “balloon boy” and his family’s antics. I completely agree with the commenter on the CTV’s story’s website, whose words I quote here:

“[Denver man Robert] Thomas [the father’s associate], who sold his story to the website, offered email exchanges between them and said the show would feature Heene as a mad scientist carrying out various experiments.”And the nauseating downward spiral of American pop culture continues. Even with all the outrage feigned in the media at the hoax, the ugly spectre of the the fame seeking American rears its ugly head again, ironically enough through another media outlet (!! I don´t know what’s more astounding…the seemingly endless supply of mindless, talentless twits ready to sacrifice all for their 15 minutes, or the army who perpetuate this freak show by keeping people like this in demand and in business!!If this joker had prior knowledge to this crime and did nothing but sell his story, he should be right next to the “Mad Scientist” and his wife in the prisoners box, up on charges!!”

Say it, brother. While certainly the desire for fifteen minutes of fame is not restricted to Americans, it seems particularly the American mass media that encourages and panders to this idea.

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