All Hallows Mannequin Shrine


When I was a child, I loved Halloween. My mother had lots of talent and, being a frustrated artist, exercised those talents on making Halloween costumes for her four children. I can remember several of them very clearly, even though that was eons ago: gypsy, the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, and Alice herself. When I grew up, every family I knew had at least four children and some many more. On Halloween night the neighbourhood was full of costumed children, large and small. Since this was before anyone had ever thought of poisoning chocolate bars or putting razors in apples, it was all fun and games and no worries. On a crisp, dark, end of October night, running costumed through the streets was thrilling fun. Actually, I still love it.


A few years back skaters from the Vancouver Torrent Inline Skating Club skated through the Vancouver streets in costume for Halloween, monster mash music blaring from a rolling boom box pulled by Winson. Another year, Ty, Tracey and I dressed up, and, with Brubin as a small superfly, attended All Hallows Night at the Mountain View Cemetery.

Halloween Skate 2003 008

This year I am continuing to play with my workshop mannequin shrine in honour of the witching night …

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