Vancouver Island

This past week I went to the Celebration of Life for one of my Nanaimo friends, Donna Miles. Held at the German Club, a facility in a leafy valley near the waterfront, the service included a releasing of purple balloons with wish cards attached over the trees and into the infinite sky. Over the next few days I spent some time on the waterfront rocky beaches of the Cedar and Yellowpoint peninsulas, Cedar-by-the-Sea, Blue Heron, and Roberts Memorial, collecting driftwood and arbutus branches for a planned installation. The shoreline along here is rocky but beautiful; in spots, large purplish-brown jellyfish have washed ashore. This was a surprise to me –  I had no idea that jellyfish were present in these waters. Arbutus trees in all their gnarled beauty are plentiful here but it’s difficult to find windfall branches; I did manage to get some, which, along with the driftwood, I piled into my microcar and took back to the ranch.

See some pictures here.

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  1. I tried phoning my dear room-mate (April/May 2009 – The Cancer Centre Lodge in Victoria) and there was no reply. I thought I would check and see if she has a blog or facebook and found you.

    If this is the same person whose Celebration of Life you attended then I am so saddened to hear of her passing. She was such an awesome, brave person.

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures of the ceremony for Donna. I rented from her for a few years and was shocked when I heard of her passing. She was a very wonderful, spiritual, and inspiring person. She was like a second mother for me, and a very dear friend. I will miss her greatly.

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