Mannequin and garden magic

While visiting my friend Lorrill for dinner with Maggie, and taking pictures of her lovely fall garden, I was musing about needing mannequin bodies and, lo and behold,  Lorrill took me next door where she’d seen some mannequins in a neighbour’s garage sale. Wow – major score. I acquired several bodies, one complete with a metal holder in place of its head, a beautiful old-time porcelain juvenile torso (with an optional red hat and blonde fright wig), and many arms, some with hands and some without. These will serve to create an pseudo-octopus and my five painted heads will give completion to the headless torsos. I am already in the planning stages of a Nanaimo mannequin shrine (to appear somewhere in the not-too-distant future).

Ty and I also moved two of my painted heads around Vancouver on the last sunny September weekend, from Davie Days to Coo Coo Coffee.

See more pictures here and here

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