Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ …

Christine had suggested a skate along the skytrain trail on Sunday and Ty and I, along with John G, John W and Lori, all thought it was a great idea. We met at Science World, Christine, John W and I on our skates, and the others on bikes, and headed off down the road at 10. The weather turned out to be great, sunny off and on with large fluffy cumulous clouds and not too hot. We rolled along a walking path parallel to Terminal Drive, up the First Avenue bridge, along Clarke briefly, then uphill once again past Commerical Drive, through Trout Lake Park (where a Chinese Athletic club and a Celtic drumming group were practicing their skills) and back onto the 7-11 trail near Nanaimo Street. Rolling along beneath the skytrain we passed through a multi-cultural festival with stilt walkers and then, some blocks further along, were up and over the Telus overpass, through Central Park and onto a new stretch of bike path into Burnaby.

At some point along this part of the trail we ran into our skating friend Gerry, riding his bike from New West down to the Fraser River, who told us about a new pathway into New West which he’d marked with small white sprayed signage. As we approached the 22nd Street skytrain station, someone spotted one of Gerry’s markers on the road and we followed the signs down and around a new pedestrian overpass over Marine Drive and the Surrey/Delta Bridge on-ramp. At this point my feet were really starting to hurt and I began to suspect that part of the problem with my skates is that the foam insole orthotics have become so flattened that they are essentially useless. Nevertheless, we carried on off the trail and down and around the road leading to the New West Quay, finally rolling along the riverside promenade towards the Paddlewheeler Pub, the end of the line and our lunch destination. There we enjoyed some melon margaritas, pitchers of wheat beer, and fish and chips in the warm sun. Later, having been refuelled and now ready for a nap, we walked and carried the bikes up and over the pedestrian overpass leading to the New West skytrain station and our return journey. The six of us, and the three bikes, piled onto one train car and, within half an hour, were whisked back downtown once again, tired but happy – another great rollin’ time had by all.

See more pictures here.

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