More fun and games

Last Saturday Amber came up from Seattle so a few of us decided to skate around False Creek. It was a great day for it, sunny with big fluffy cumulous clouds floating by, and not too hot. After a pit stop at the English Bay fine dining establishment, the mobile Hot Dog House, we rolled around Stanley Park, stopping twice to see the many small and large inukshuk stone sculptures that continue to populate the beaches. At Second Beach we watched the stone master work for a bit, admiring his ability to place the rocks just so … then past English Bay again, up Pacific, onto and over the Burrard Bridge, with a stop at the top to enjoy the view, ending up at Granville Island for some always-popular Lee`s donuts, best in town, and java. Christine, Tom, and I left the group there and I hopped on the little ferry across the inlet homeward bound while Winson, Amber and Sylvia, their feet younger and stronger than mine, carried on around the sea wall past the Olympic village and Science World.

See a few more pictures here.

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