Mannequin Heads on the move …

Mannequin Heads

I had been musing about moving my mannequins around the city and photographing them, and today, being a beautiful sunny day (and who knows how many more we`ll have), was the day. First, though, I had to take my camera to the park down the street to photograph the vast white mounds of soap suds someone had generated in the fountain there, so large that they looked like icebergs swaying gently in the breeze. After snapping a few pics, I zoomed down to Stanley Park and carried my green plastic garbage bag of heads and painted sticks and my small white plastic bag of dolls down to Third Beach.

I had planned to set them up in the midst of the many small inukshuk stone sculptures that I had seen there on the weekend but when I got there, those were all gone, either knocked down by the waves or by some passerby. Instead, I pushed the sticks into the sand and photographed the heads and dolls against the backdrop of Georgia Strait and the freighters tied up there.  I enjoyed their bright colours against the deep blue of the morning sky.

My next stop was the area between Second and Third Beaches where Mr Stone Master usually has all his large inukshuk totems; here, too, although there had been many on the weekend, they were all gone except one. I arranged the painted heads and dolls in a configuration next to the stone sculpture and documented them. As I was doing this, several people riding bikes stopped to see what I was doing, apparently enjoying the vibrancy of the painted heads, calling them “Whacked“. Next stop on the head tour was English Bay, where they were arranged in a line along a low stone wall bounding the flower beds and in and around a large driftwood stump, much to the delight of local homeless folks gathered on the benches there.

The final stop on the head tour was Granville Island, where I set them up on a large metal sculpture, a metal staircase and in the Creekhouse pond. Here a passerby asked me what I`d done with the bodies and we both started cackling. Back at the ranch, I saw the Davie Duck Whisperer  in the park sans duck but with a cockatiel on her right shoulder. Just another day in the neighbourhood …

See a few pictures here.

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