Cruelty: A story making me very angry today

From today’s Calgary Herald a disgusting story about needless cruelty to animals:

DEER LAKE, N.L. — A group of boys could be facing criminal charges after a moose they reportedly chased and hit with sticks earlier this week in a western Newfoundland community had to be destroyed.

The Deer Lake RCMP detachment received a number of calls from concerned citizens Monday afternoon reporting a young moose calf had apparently been chased into a yard and seemed like it was no longer able to stand up.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses told the responding officers three boys had been chasing the moose around on their bicycles and had been seen striking the young calf with sticks.

The RCMP called in conservation officers from the provincial Department of Natural Resources to further assess the exhausted moose’s condition. They deemed the calf to be beyond recovery and the decision was made to have the animal humanely killed.

RCMP Sgt. Jacques Morneau said two of the three youth involved — all of whom are under the age of 15 — have been identified and are known to police.

“We are investigating possible charges under the Wildlife Act and it might even come to laying charges of animal cruelty,” said Morneau.

Moose and other wildlife are common sights in communities, including Deer Lake, and Morneau can’t comprehend why anyone would want to do them any deliberate harm.

“I can’t understand why there would be such barbaric acts committed,” said Morneau. “I mean, the poor thing was crying out for its mother. The officers were very discouraged about the whole thing when they returned.”

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