Bicycle Music Festival

After a ride along the Carrall Street almost-completed bikeway, and a stop at Chill Winston`s in Gastown for brunch, we were up and over the viaduct to Crab Park on the water near Canada Place. There Ty, Brubin and I took in part of the Bicycle Music Festival, a day-long mobile music festival on Saturday that featured local music and a pedal-powered sound system. Started in San Francisco, the Bicycle Music Festival is a community created event to celebrate self-propelled motion, music and community, and the performers’ sound systems were powered by bicycle.

Bicycle Music

We saw the Carnival Band and the B:C:Clettes, an 8 women and their bicycles performance group. Many of Vancouver’s latter-day hippies were there and varieties of bikes abounded, all the way from very long bikes with various trailers containing sound system components, to bikes with trailers holding dogs, big and small, to tiny trick bikes, to bicycles built for two.

The weather was great, the sky was cloudless blue, and a gigantic cruise ship docked at Canada Place formed part of the backdrop.

We were going to cycle with them to the Vancouver Museum, but technical problems with the bike powered sound system prevented them from leaving in a timely fashion, so the three of us rolled under Canada Place and onto the sea wall to the Marine Pub at the Coal Harbour waterpark for drinks and snacks.

See more pictures here.

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