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Things making me pissed off today:

I. Under the heading of so obvious that you really must be an idiot not to know them are the following:

1)      Text messaging while driving is dangerous, 23 times more dangerous than driving without using such devices. So, too, is talking on the cell phone and, most moronic of all, watching porn onscreen while driving – if you engage in this practice, not only are you an idiot, but you are a despicable tool. Give your head a shake.

2)      Tanning beds are dangerous. Teenage and young twenty-something women are the most frequent users of these devices. You are 75 percent more likely to get melanoma if you use these devices. New Flash: no one will care how “golden” you are if you’ve died of malignant melanoma. Give your head a shake.

3)      Riding bicycles, skating or skate boarding without a helmet is dangerous. New Flash: no one will care how great your hair looks if your skull has been crushed. Give your head a shake (that is, if you still have one …)

II. On carcinogenic sunbeds:

Tanning beds have been ranked alongside cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos as posing the greatest threat of cancer to humans by an international cancer research group.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has moved ultra-violet emitting tanning beds to its highest cancer risk category and labeled them as “carcinogenic to humans” after ruling they are more dangerous than previously suggested.

The France-based agency, which is part of the World Health Organization, had previously classified sunlamps and tanning beds as “probably” carcinogenic to humans.

The research, published in the latest edition of The Lancet Oncology medical journal, found using tanning beds could increase the risk of developing cancer by 75 percent, particularly if used by children and young adults.

“The risk of skin melanoma is increased by 75 percent when use of tanning devices starts before 30 years of age,” said the report.

The IARC report came after scientists from nine countries met in June to reassess the risks of cancer from different types of radiation, with solar radiation the main source of human exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

The IARC has since 1971 published a series of “Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans,” also known as WHO’s encyclopedia of carcinogens, ranking the risk agents in groups from one to four.

Group 1, the new ranking for tanning beds, also includes asbestos, arsenic and tobacco products.

The WHO has stated that is does not recommend the use of UV tanning devices for cosmetic purposes with sunbeds now being made to produce higher levels of UVB to mimic the sun and speed up the tanning process.

Some countries and U.S. states regulate the multi-billion dollar industry, with some banning teenagers from using sunbeds or requiring consent from their parents or doctor.

In Australia, children are banned from using solariums and it is a requirement for the tanning industry to post warnings of health problems, including skin cancer, that [are] associated with artificial tanning in salons.

This regulation was enforced by a court ruling following the death of Clare Oliver who died in September 2007 at the age of 26 after losing her battle with cancer that she said was caused by her visits to tanning salons.


III. If the allegations prove true, under the heading of a small preview of karma is the following, from the Toronto Sun:

Shafia son

KINGSTON — A Montreal mother, father and son accused of murdering four family members were attacked and subjected to death threats within hours of arriving at a detention centre in Napanee, Sun Media has learned.

Hamed Shafia, 18, was assaulted by other inmates at the Quinte Detention Centre during yard time.

Jail staff had allowed him to exercise with other protective prisoners who were thought to be compatible.

He was not seriously hurt.

“There was an allegation of inmate-on-inmate assault by one of these individuals,” Correctional Services’ Stuart McGetrick said.

He would not say which of the three family members filed the complaint Saturday.

McGetrick said police are now investigating.

Hamed Shafia’s father, Mohammed, wasn’t attacked.

Tooba Mohammed Yahya, held in the women’s section at Quinte, has not been attacked but a prison source said “it’s just a matter of time.”

Other inmates have been screaming threats and calling Yahya “baby killer.” She is permitted daily exercise by herself.

The Shafia men were being held in an eight-cell wing of the maximum-security section. They have now been moved to the jail’s segregation unit, or hole, where they are isolated from other inmates and held in single cells.

Montreal lawyer Waice Ferdoussi, who represents Mohammed Shafia, had not heard of the assault when he was interviewed Monday.

He said he planned to contact senior officials at Quinte.

Ferdoussi accused Kingston Police of whipping up anger at the three accused.

“They made such a huge suspicion and publicity out of this honour crime business.”

IV. Under the heading “Scum of the earth” is Fake Financial Adviser Earl Jones – this cretin trolled for his victims at nursing homes and funerals. The following, from CTV:

Earl Jones, despicable cretin

MONTREAL — The alleged victims of Montreal financial adviser Earl Jones plan to rally in the city today to demand stiffer penalties for white collar crimes.

They will also learn whether Jones’ company will be declared bankrupt. If the petition in bankruptcy is accepted, an investigation will be launched to determine whether there is any money left to distribute among his clients.

Jones is accused of bilking his mostly elderly clients out of millions of dollars by allegedly running a Ponzi scheme.

Jones, who was arrested at his lawyer’s Old Montreal office on Monday, is charged with four counts each of theft and fraud involving four victims.

He was released from jail pending his next court date on Sept. 28.

Jones stared at a courtroom floor during his arraignment Tuesday before being hustled into a waiting car by at least seven courthouse constables.

Oh … and his wife, who did not even work for his so-called “financial services” firm, was his highest paid employee, receiving a salary of $7,000 dollars a month. Oh … and she and the rest of his family hired a high-priced PR flack to issue a press statement saying they knew nothing of Earl Jones’ criminal activities. Yeah, right …

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