Side VI

Tracey’s bag was supposed to arrive Monday morning. When we phoned Monday, after it did not arrive, the woman said it would come Tuesday morning before noon. We had planned, once again, to visit the Side museum, so when noon arrived and the bag did not, I called once again to find out that the bag should arrive after three but before five … (Waiting for Godot redux). So, since I had seen the museum last year, I stayed behind poolside to wait, and Tracey, Christine and Barb went to the lovely little Side museum, a small jewel which hardly anyone visits.

Lying poolside at the SGR isn’t too hard to take; I swam laps and listened to some tunes on my ipod. As the days pass, more and more people arrive so, by late afternoon it was quite crowded around the pool. The three amigos arrived back around four, and we arranged with Mehmet, the guy who rented me my bike, to rent a car to go to Myra and Kekova on Thursday. He very kindly said, if the bag had not arrived by five, to send him a message with the tracking info and he would look into it. By six, no bag had arrived, I sent Mehmet the info, he arranged to have the delivery man meet him at the car rental place (the delivery man was lost …), and brought the man and the bag straight to our door – arrival seven pm. Tracey could now relax, and also change out of her classic black swim suit, bagging out into shapelessness, into her new two piece bought especially for the trip.

Barb was leaving for Cappadocia so the four of us, plus Elke, had a nice dinner on our terrace. We had to borrow two pots from Elke, whose place is much more well-equipped than ours, so that I could make potato salad. Along with that, and side dishes of veggies, we ordered kebaps from the Alla Turca restaurant around the corner. When the appointed time arrived, we walked with Barb down the street to the cab stand in front of the Park Side Otel and watched as she headed off for the Manavgat Otogar and her night bus to Nevsehir.

See a few pix here.

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