Tomb Projection

The House Monument Tomb on the hillside here in Kas, dating from the 4th c bce, is a perfect venue for projections. The only downside is having to haul all my technology over to it – my arms are still sore from mountain biking, kayaking, and carrying around mannequins. Last night I decided to give it a try and packed my laptop, mini projector, mini speakers, camera, mini video cam and all the other assorted cords and plugs in a beach bag and carried it, with a smallish long low wooden table, over to the tomb around 7 in the evening. I wasn’t exactly sure what time the sun went down but needed time to set everything up while it was still light enough.

Once there, I set up the table on the side of the tomb facing the prone mannequins and put everything together. I tried projecting the images directly on the cave wall itself behind the lower mannequin but the resolution wasn’t good enough because the wall’s surface is rough. So I brought out one of the white pieces of headscarf material that I’d been carrying in my backpack and hung it up using two small stones to hold the ends. Voila!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a tall tripod here and I was using the octopus tripod for the small projector so I had to balance the camera on my knees. Fortunately, it was at exactly the right height to take pictures. However, it was a bit difficult, even so, to keep the camera steady as the exposure time got longer and longer the darker it became. I did manage to get one complete set of 18 good images, finally, by the time that it got completely dark. I encountered a few problems with the sound system; for some reason, the speakers stopped working right in the middle of video recording … sigh. So, I did try again using only the laptop speakers which actually weren’t too bad. Once again, though, without a tall tripod I’m not sure how good the recording will be – possibly a bit wobbly. Oh well, the whole project is about making do with what’s available …

See pictures here.

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