When I arrived at the House Monument tomb this morning, four young guys were already there. From my minescule amount of Turkish, I think I understood that they were skipping school that day. They were interested in what I was doing as I was taking photos inside the tomb with my bits and pieces of found objects and, when I asked them if they’d like to paint the headless mannequins, they agreed with enthusiasm. I said that they could do whatever they liked, except no “bad words” were to be painted on them. They worked in pairs, selecting the colours and designs themselves.

Later, I carried the full body model over to the theatre and played around with placing and photographing it in various places. Unlike yesterday, today there was a gale force wind blowing in Kas; I enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured ribbons of crepe paper fluttering madly in the breeze, undulating away from the model’s fingers as it leaned against a beautiful laurel tree.

See pictures here.

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