I’m lucky to be able to pick up a wireless connection sometimes while on my balcony. Today it was warm and a bit hazy for my tour around the little town of Kas. First, I climbed up to the Lycian rock tombs that are in the hills about 50 feet down the road from my place. There are about 5 of them; one is in particularly good shape, looking sort of like a fat canoe standing up. All of them are graffiti-stained, some of the graffiti being etched in Greek into the rock face. After that, I walked west along the high road out to the bathing platforms on the rocks at the edge of town. Because the coastline is rocky here, all the hotels, bars and restaurants along the water have sunbathing platforms of rock, wood or rusted metal. Very few of them are open yet; it is still too early in the season and there are not too many tourists about. I wandered down onto the Small Pebble Beach, a very tiny strip of rocky area between several of these seaside bars, and tested the water – quite cool but a gorgeous blue colour.

Continuing through the harbour and along the waterfront heading east I came to the Hellenistic Theatre, a small 26 tier edifice of stone from the first century bce, that held 4,000 people in ancient times. Here I met Hanife from whom I bought a small blue beaded anklet. Her house is only a few meters from the theatre and she is here each day trying to sell her handmade beaded jewellery and scarves. Leaving the theatre I made my way along a small path through the wildflowers, olive and pine trees, to the House Monument Tomb, quite a large free standing funeral monument which I can see in the hills from my balcony. Also, from the tomb I could see the large stone sarcophagus that I’d spotted in the marketplace yesterday. There is another similar stone sarcophagus guarding the entrance to the Kas harbour.

See pictures here.

Read more about Lycian rock tombs here.

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