Cycling up another mountain

Today was our last day of mountain biking around Dalyan. We awoke to partial overcast but, luckily, no rain. The plan today was to cycle to the peak of the mountain across the river from Dalyan, past the town of Candir, a ride of 40 or so km. Last night, after our long uphill off-road ride yesterday, I was so tired that I slept all the way through until morning. The bikes we have, while certainly useable, are not great; mine is too long for me and the shocks are marginal so off-road over rocky terrain with lots of jarring bumps left me with very sore lower arms, hands and neck.

We hopped on the Kaunos Tours boat riverside once again and were ferried across to the other side, where we began our tour by cycling past the ruins of Kaunos and through the village of Candir. Once past there, we were off-road once again. This route was even tougher than yesterday; the first several kilometers of uphill were on tractor roads with deep ruts, mud and lots of rocks. Because the uphill grade was so steep, my front tire kept lifting off the ground and I had difficulty keeping the bike going straight. At several points all of us except Sonja had to get off and walk – it was impossible to ride over that terrain. After a brief rest, we rode up and up, stopped for a bit at a very old graveyard part way up the hill with a magnificent view over the valley, and continued on up to the peak. There we had lunch with a panoramic backdrop of Lake Koycegiz, Dalyan and the mountains. We could see all the various places that we’ve cycled to over the past week. We have really covered a lot of ground, having cycled through almost all the mountains around the Dalyan area. The off-road downhill was fun, but bone rattling, and, once back riverside, the boatwoman rowed us and the bikes back across to town.

My hands and wrists are sore, and so are my neck and head, so a rest poolside is in order. Tonight we are taking Sonja and Murat to dinner to thank them for the tour and tomorrow I’m off to Kas, further east on the south coast of Turkey, where I’ll be based until April 30. I’ve loved staying at the Crescent Hotel – wonderful hosts and a lovely spot – and I’ve really enjoyed the tour, but I’ll be glad to give the bone crushing mountain biking a rest for a bit!

See pictures here.

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