The hosts here at the Babayan Culture House, Willemijn and Paul, a couple originally from Holland, are great. They were kind enough to take me to Nevsehir yesterday so that I could buy some food and other supplies for my cave room. Paul cooked us a lovely meal of avacado soup, salads and salmon for dinner in the large living room cum kitchen that is just across the courtyard from my space. That room has a very high arched ceiling and a carved stone wood burning fire place and I am welcome to use it whenever I like. They have three cats – I’ve met the two little boy cats who are lovely – very affectionate, especially the grey and white one.

Today is a beautiful day, sunny, cold and crisp with a dusting of snow on the ground. As soon as it warms up, I’m off for a hike in the hills.

See pictures of my room and the surrounding area here.

For more info on Cappadocia, click here and here.

4 Replies to “Ibrahimpasa”

  1. Goodday..or is that goodevening?

    wow, I actually know a cave woman!..and your home looks very inviting and lovely! .Love it…photos, outstanding (as we are accustomed) oh I am sad I am not able to explore this region with you Lisa (what is your Turkish name? – maybe I ought to call you Ayla – the cave woman from the “Clan of the Cave Bears” series!! ) ..I was beginning to wonder if there were any people in your city but eventually you sent a few photos of women…are you wearing headscarves? and have you already bought tons of stuff?

    and of course you know (via Ty? or Maggie May!) that we had snow last Thursday here in Nanaimo..would you believe at least a foot!….sun is out today, most of the snow is gone or going rapidly…rain is forecasted…snowbells are popping up, once again…their little blooms were ablaze before the snowfall and then got heavy…but are now back again..I had a visit with Maude last week…she sends her regards…last month of school is upon us..and it shows, students are frenzied and faculty are tired looking….I have also been playing Bridge and I suck big time!…Donna had her operation last Wednesday but I haven’t heard anymore….
    thinking of you Bella…con amore, Lib

  2. Hi Lisa! Fantastic photos! I am enjoying every twist and turn of your adventure. Love the abandoned graveyard in Singapore and all the felines along the way. Your cave home looks so cozy and colorful with great views!
    Our pals in Nanaimo tell us they had another dump of snow last week-2 1/2 feet over night ! But here in lotus land we are checking crocus, miniature iris, etc and enjoying almost spring. It has been a very long winter indeed!
    I could have used that fur hat you are wearing!
    We went to the BAG to see Aganetha Dyck’s collaboration with bees (the B&W scans taken inside the hives were kinda interesting) and to the SAG to see ED Burtynsky’s “Uneasy Beauty”. Photos of the Alberta tar sands said it all. Take care, Val

  3. Hi Val – thanks! I would have loved to see the Burtynsky show – is there any info on line with pictures?
    yah, this place is really something – will post more details today. I’m the only visitor in this very, very quite town. The cats are great! I did hear that Nanaimo had snow – o, God, will winter never end? Glad to hear that you’re seeing buds in WV!

  4. Hey Lib – great to hear from you! I’m the only visitor in this quiet little town; not sure what the population is, but the men and women live separate lives, and the women are mostly behind closed doors, while the men sit around in the tea house drinking chay. I hope to see more people as I wander around the place! Am posting more details today. Please give my love to everyone there. It’s hard to believe that the school term is nearing the end … hope all has gone as well as can be expected there.

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