Cycling in the hills

Spring is back – yippee. I woke up this morning to a beautiful cloudless blue sky and so, about 9:30 am, it was time to hit the hills. I pedalled down over the old Roman bridge and up the valley to the sandy road along the top, in search of rock churches. I had intended to visit the Pankarlik Church and Chapels in a valley about half way between Ortahisar and Urgup; however, I neglected to bring Paul’s google map because I thought I remembered the way – wrong … I dithered and wandered, second guessing myself as I rode down one path, then another, and doubled back looking for the right way. After quite a bit of time riding around the hills, with no church and chapel to be seen, I decided to abort this particular journey and headed down into Ortahisar. Pausing for a bit to enjoy the view over the town, I sampled some fresh squeezed orange juice and peanuts. It must be spring because the balloons are out; two were aloft over the rock fortress of Ortahisar. After some time spent cruising around town, I headed back to the barn and spent the sunny afternoon working on my names.

One of my projects here is to record the names of all the Turkish people I meet and interact with while I’m in Cappadocia. So far, I have about 20 names, including three Bayrams (one woman, one man and a boy) and four Mehmets. I am playing around with various ways of working with these names, as you can see …

See pictures here.

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