Thailand: Jum to Krabi to Bangkok

We’re now in Bangkok, having travelled from Koh Jum by longtail and ferry through Krabi, on the mainland, and from there by plane to Bangkok.

Koh Jum was terrific and we were sad to leave. On one of the last days we spent there, Ty arranged with two of the guys we met to bring a couple of Thai horses to the beach and after, to have a fish grill and fire show. The horses were lovely, more like ponies, really, named Mai and But, a stallion and a mare. I ejoyed my first horse ride along the beach; unfortunately, the horses were too small for Ty. He tested one by putting his leg over her but she shivered as if to say, “Oh, please no!” so he did not attempt to hop on. After the horse ride, we enjoyed a grill of flat white fish, prawns, and squid, cooked over a beach fire. The fire dude, wearing a toque and shorts pulled up almost to his armpits to protect himself from singeing, entertained us with a mighty display of flaming coconut twirling.

The last day in Jum Ty came down with a bout of food poisoning, and the same thing caught up with me in Krabi. I swpent most of our time there in the bathroom. I was still exhausted during the trip to Bangkok so we basically made it to our hostel, the Lub D, and rested. Today we both feel good so it’s time to explore Bangkok.

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